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Zac: Antique & Classic Auto Upholster

As a part of the family at Rocky Mountain Upholstery, Zac has been learning the upholstery trade from a young age. He is an adventure seeking individual, with a keen eye. Zac enjoys inquiring about many things. He has experienced a vast array of the upholstery trade...

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Dan: Our New Upholster

  We recently added Dan, an experienced upholster, to our team at Rocky Mountain Upholstery. He has been in the upholstery trade for 37 years. He started in Texas, and eventually found himself in Colorado Springs, CO. Dan worked for Rocky Mountain Upholstery Co. for a...

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Update Your Antique Furniture Finds With Today’s Top Trends

So your friend convinced you to tag along with them to your local flea market when you spotted it, an antique couch like something out of an old movie or your favorite novel. It’s in terrible condition so it’s cheap. Without thinking, you snap it up. But now what? Or...

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Toss It or Reupholster It? What To Do With That Old Couch

You’re driving down the road when you spot a couch or other piece of furniture on the curb, or maybe you’re strolling through the local Salvation Army store and can’t resist buying that slightly less than perfect sofa. Maybe your parents or a friend bought new...

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